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What is a Renewable Energy Certificate?

As the industry of renewable energy starts to expand globally, a system for management of renewable energy distribution has been developed. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) serve as the way to identify and monitor the ownership of renewable energy generation.

There are two markets of renewable energy certificate, one is for compliance and the other is for voluntary. Compliance REC market is more reliable and certain compared to voluntary. Moreover, RECs are critical in to promote the expansion of renewable energy trading.

Not just in terms of progressing towards a diverse sustainable energy distribution and trading, RECs helps encourage pricing transparency and more opportunities for renewable energy projects.

In this video, find out about Renewable Energy Certificate and its role in developing new renewable energy projects. Through the basics illustrated in this presentation, you will be able to get a better understanding of the standards laid within this system of credits.

Watch the entire clip and explore the trading side of renewable energy generation and distribution, which are growing industries in today’s world. If you’re interested in venturing in the business of renewable energy, then this video would be a good starting point.

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