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The Hutchison Effect: Truth or Hoax?

John Hutchinson is a Canadian inventor that is liken by his fans to Nikola Tesla when it comes to producing free energy. Hutchinson claimed to have discovered an electromagnetic energy that has antigravity and melting effects on certain materials. It is known as the Hutchison Effect, or the H-Effect for short.

The H-Effect has been deemed a very controversial discovery because of the anomalous circumstances surrounding it. The manifestations of the H-Effect are indeed extraordinary, which makes this discovery really hard to believe. Plus the fact that the experiments concerning it have never been adequately proven with scientific methods makes it even more doubtful.

Hutchinson released several videos that demonstrate the H-Effect. However, skeptics are not convinced because of his eccentricity in using home-made equipment in the experiment as well as committing to have faked a few stunts in it.

To learn more about the Hutchison Effect, watch this video featuring an interview with John Hutchinson. In this interview, he shares some samples of the H-Effect while explaining its nature and how he produced this kind of electromagnetic energy.

Watch the entire clip and decide for yourself if his claim is true or just some nonsense fraud.

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