Nikola Tesla Free Energy

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Tesla Free Energy Generator

Nikola Tesla – The Genius behind the Tesla Free Energy Generator

Tesla Free Energy Generator

Free Energy Generator by Tesla

Nikola Tesla was the genius known as the Scientific Superman has invented the use of free energy. The sad fact though is that, he died without realizing his dreams to make humanity use electricity power at no cost at all.

Now, after so many decades, his dreams are realities as more and more people are using his ideas and putting in use.

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Veering Clear of the Grid with the Tesla Free Energy Generator

We are all being crippled financially with the endless payments of electric bills. The Earth on the other hand, is being molested without being replenish with the tapping of most of its natural resources.

Cost-free energy has never been thought possible before, but now, it is there right before our very eyes.

Tesla Free Energy Generator uses cosmic power that can generate enough strength to power your household or business establishment.

Make the change and go with the flow, start using this system and in the long run you will be able to get away from in grid that is crippling you financially.

How to Build Tesla Free Energy Generator – a Portable Experiment

Tesla free energy generator employs the technique of moving the magnetic field to the conductor that generates electricity. This method moves the natural magnet through a wire coil thus enabling the generator to produce enough electricity.

Here are the following steps involved in making a home-made Tesla free energy generator:

You will need a disposable pen with a straight shaft. Remove the tip, end cap and the ink cartridge; save the tip and the end cap, dispose of the ink cartridge.

Get the measurement of the inner diameter of the pen.

Get a rod meter that will fit into the inside of the pen shaft, and then put the end cap and the tip. Shake the pen well for you to be able to hear the magnet movement.

Glue in the end cap and the tip to keep it secured.

Wrap a magnetic wire around the pen shaft from one end to the other; just be sure that you will leave four inches of spaces on both ends.

Tesla Free Energy Generator

Nikola Tesla Free Energy Generator

Cut the wire and leave a loose end.

Scrape both ends of wire and peel off the coating; twist a wire end like it is being linked.

Tape an electric bulb on the other end.

Shake your magnetic generator; if you see the bulb flickering with light, then you have made a good experiment.

That is how magnetic energy is converted into an electricity source.

Benefits of Tesla Free Energy Generator

We are all trying to find out how to effectively cut our expenditures. That is why this generator system is a very good alternative.

The best benefit we cab get from this generator is that fact that it is easy to construct. You can watch videos on how they are being assembled and installed.

This cost-free electrical energy may sound like something from the future, but it is here now, usable and very much functional.

Another benefit is the one-time payment. This means that you will only need to spend money once and then you will use energy for free whenever you want it. After installation of the Tesla free energy generator, you will be able to consume power energy at unlimited consumption.