Nikola Tesla Free Energy

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Nikola Tesla Free Energy

What is the Nikola Tesla Free Energy?

Nikola Tesla Free Energy

Tesla Free Energy

Nikola Tesla is considered as the genius who lit the world. In the world of science and inventions, Tesla has managed to come to the top with his genius and his innovative inventions. His name symbolizes a strong force and inspirations for the whole world to unite in the name of peace and science. The Nikola Tesla free energy generator is considered as one of the most precious inventions of all times.

His birthday, July 10 was proclaimed as The Nikola Tesla Day in New York and in other states in the USA. This alone will prove that he was indeed a scientific figure to look up to.


The Beginning of the Nikola Tesla Free Energy

As a young man, Nikola Tesla has moved to the USA and worked with Thomas Edison. He set to improve Edison’s works and this started in Tesla’s disagreement of opinion with Edison on the debate over the use of direct current versus the use of alternating current.

The disagreement between the two men resulted in the current war wherein Edison lost his battle in protecting his works and investments in all his direct current equipments and facilities.

Tesla debated that all energies were cyclic and generators can be built to send electricity along distribution lines back and forth in multiple waves with the use of the polyphase principle.

Edison’s works has been proven futile and weak because of the inefficiency of the direct current electric supply. Edison’s DC Empire has no match to the alternating current of Tesla that has been supported by George Westinghouse.

Nikola Tesla Free Energy

Nikola Tesla Free Energy Device

The big difference between DC and AC is that direct current flows only in one direction, making it impossible to step up to higher voltage levels needed for long distance transmission of power. AC on the other hand, has the capacity to change direction 50 to 60 times per second which allows for its ability to step up to varying high voltage levels. This AC efficiency means there is less power loss for transmission of long distance power supply.

The Nikola Tesla Free Energy Generator

The Tesla generator does not require the use of any fuel and it is very cheap to build. It does not require any special training or knowledge to be able to assemble; it works quietly and will work at any weather conditions, making it a very effective and useful energy source. The first generator was developed by Nikola Tesla in 1934.

The Nikola Tesla Free Energy – The Fulfillment of a Dream

Nikola Tesla had a dream, and it was to light the world with electricity that will be available for everyone. His knowledge in electricity was not only brilliant but it also paved the way to obtain electric power almost free of charge.

The Nikola Tesla free energy generator is environment-friendly, weather proof and all its components are readily available at any electronic shops. Nikola Tesla’s dream is now a reality and many people have been enjoying the free supply of electric power from the fruits of his genius.

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