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All About the Mysterious Free Energy Question

Discover Three Reasons to Trust the Magnet 4 Energy System

1-Magnet 4 energy 60-Day Product Guarantees

What does it mean? In case you are unsatisfied with what you get with Magnet 4 energy Guide, you will be fully refund within 60 days! The best things about that is that you are simply sending an email with your transaction Id to get the money back on your credit card or pay pals account.  Everybody once bought a product from a local store with this mindset: I will buy it and return if I am unsatisfied. But what happen all the time? You forget to return it on time, your too late, it not worth to drive there to return it because of the gas cost…there is always a reasons to do it tomorrow! But with virtual products like Magnet 4 energy you can safe all the hassles with simply email the seller, they won’t ask any questions that their policy.

Have you ever seen any of those signs? You were probably wondering how it could be possible…

Nikola Tesla Secret

Nikola tesla Free energy



Magnet 4 energyThere are a lots of rules to ensure those virtual product are safe for buyer.

First of all you are protected from pay pals: You can check their PayPal’s Money Back Guarantee Policy. If your using PayPal’s there is not much to worry about as there using the latest technology in the industry, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) secure server. With such a systems you can definitely sleep well your credit card is highly safeguarded!

Frequently asked questions:  What if I bought Magnet 4 energy with a credit card ? Who is making sure it’s safe and I will get a refund?

Before it comes on the market, the virtual products must be accepted by a digital market. Here are a few: Clickbank, Plimus, Paydotcom, Click2sell…… They all have money back guarantee usually 30 or 60 after the purchase date.

Going back to the product we were talking about… Plimus is the digital market promoting the Magnet 4 energy. There are few interesting stats you may want to know about the Magnet 4 energy:

*Did you know that no competitor has a lower refund rates ?Nikola Tesla Secret is ahead of the  entire industry  for refund rates!

*94,9% of the readers were satisfied with Magnet 4 energy

*The refund rate is as low as 5.1%

So, if you conclude that Nikola Tesla Secret isn’t really helping you to cut your electricity bill, or you are unhappy for any reasons your money will be 100% refund. So to me it is pretty clear that there are not many risks. Those stats are speaking by themselves, 94.9% of the people were satisfied, so it kind of a proof that the Magnet 4 energy worth is weight in gold!

6 interesting topics covered in Magnet 4 energy:

  1. Receive a complete Do it yourself kit that explain how can you build a Free Energy Device to power your home.
  2. Find out how to use optimally and setup Magnet 4 energy
  3. Discover a complete list of the materials needed to build the Free Energy Device for as less as 100$ +a bit of your time!
  4. Precise explanation regarding the reduction of energy consumption.
  5. Few insider hint on how can you make this Free Energy Devices even more efficient
  6. Detailed step-by-step assembly instructions, tools information and a lots of relevant illustrations to guide you through the construction process!

You also get 5 amazing bonus guide absolutely free with the Magnet 4 energy!

For me this was definitely the turning point that pushed me to buy the guide! I mean I am really interest by everything related to science since as far as high school. Of course first of all I was just reading as much as I can from here and there. Jumping from a topics to another, but I never really get to do any experience. It’s really hard to find complete information about a topic. You mostly get just enough to make you dream about it, but you rarely get it all.
How could I possibly get the Magnet 4 energy and receive 6 great book as a bonus?
This is quite simple there are lots of competition and it’s hard for publisher to get there book to be discover, so it’s a good publicity for them as their book will definitely gain in popularity with being associate to Tesla Free Energy Device. When you see offer like that it generally doesn’t last forever.
It also happens that authors will give the books they previously wrote as bonus to promote their new release.

Phone 4 EnergyBonus A : Phone 4 Energy

This program is showing you how can you get electricity from a telephone line. Gathering totally free energy from normal phone line?  The concept is that you are paying for this electricity and you aren’t using it. Perhaps you would prefer to keep this money for you instead of giving it away to huge phone company!

Renewable energy HanbookBonus B : The Renewable Energy Handbook

This is a do it yourself kit that actually explain you how to build your own solar panels and wind turbines to safe on your electricity bills. It’s great as we all know how expensive is it to buy solar panel as the retail is always really high.


Living GreenBonus C: Living Green

If you ever dream to reduce the carbon Footprint you’re letting behind for the next generations? You will get simple steps that will make a huge difference in this never ending war to save the environment.



Gas Saver DevicesBonus D: Gas Saving Devices

What is really worth trying in all those “gas saving products”? Discover all what you should know about all air injection devices, magnetic products and gas and oil additives.



Fuel Efficient VehiclesBonus E: Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Discover what you must know about scooters, motorcycles, hybrids and a lot more. They also cover bio-diesel power and analyze of the top fuel efficiency cars powered with gas.
To me it sound crazy to think I would get all that for such a ridiculous price!

Magniwork: A Free Energy Guide Perfect as Supplement for the Other Products!

Magniwork: This is definitely an interesting book too, there is a lot to learn from it depending of the level of knowledge you already have. You will also find many energy saving tips that are very useful. They also have great graph like energy consumption charts that can help you learn where you lose money! The main point about their magnets system is that it’s just too expensive. Just the price of the battery is already more than the price of all the material from the Nikola Tesla Secret. To be honest with you I did appreciate Magniwork when I bought it few years ago. But it is an area that change really quickly and there is new Free Energy products available. There is of course the Nikola Tesla Secret we have been talking about in this article, there is also the Tesla Blueprint, all the information are explain in details and there is less general information compare to Magniwork.

What will you find exactly in the Magniwork guide?

1. How to reduce energy consumption



  • Stand By Energy Consumption Charts

2. How does grid Systems works


  • Portable Power Source System
  • Grid-inter tied Power Source System
  • Grid-inter tied solar power system with battery
  • backup
  • Off grid Power system
  • The units of the system

3. From where to get the materials
4. Equipment
5. How the generator Functions
6. Construction
7. Gallery
8. Frequently Asked Questions
9. Minimizing our oil dependency
10. Free energy generators on a larger scale

Discover why Magnet 4 energy is such a complete guide!

Let Make Clear about what you will get out of this book. Without talking about the 5 bonus guide as we have been talking about that earlier. You will learn interesting stuff about Nikola Tesla, the scientific aspect about his research and the historical (all his inventions).  Which is a small part of the book but it is really interesting; I got to said I learn a lot from it! The Magnet 4 energy book is way ahead of all competitors as you generally find small eBooks that have between 20 to 50 page but Magnet 4 energy have more than 100 pages…. Which mean that you receive a lot more than what you expect from this eBook.

So What is exactly inside the Magnet 4 energy?

Of course you will find few pages about The Magnifying Transmitter

  • The Magnet 4 energy System
  • Utilization of TV & Radio Waves
  • Utilization of Static Electricity
  • Utilization of radiant Energy
  • The Nikola Tesla Secret & Your Home
  • Reducing Energy Consumption
  • Energy Efficient Insulation
  • Weatherize Your Home
  • Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Reducing Wasted Energy
  • Finding New Ways to secure Oil

So if you are interested in learning more about that I suggest you visit their website:

Free Energy there is so much to learn about it!

I would like to conclude this article with sharing with you one of my favorite quote to represent Free Energy:
*All truth goes through three phases. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer

Quite nice hey! So I really enjoy sharing that with all of you, I actually love to think about inventions and the mechanism behind everything! I enjoy so much to find solution to problem or think on how to save energy, money and time with some small inventions! That is why I found out this guide as interesting as I learn a lot from it and was able to create myself a system to safe on electricity bills…But over all of that my family was so proud of me, first they almost believe that I invent The Magnet 4 energy. For the first time of my life my wife admit that the project I am always doing in the garage were useful (Not only has a waste of time liked usually).
I hope you enjoy this article about Magnet 4 energy and other Free Energy Devices. If you feel like you would enjoy it as much as I did give it a try and if you’re not happy what will you lose: Nothing! You Will get fully refunded! I would appreciate if you share this article about Magnet 4 energy and give it the opportunity to find his audience.

Thanks for reading more about Magnet 4 energy!