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Perpetual Motion Generator: What it Signifies

Perpetual Motion Generator: The question that one must ask here is can such a perpetual motion generator be created that can produce free energy?

Perpetual Motion Generator

Perpetual Motion Machine

Perpetual Motion Generator- What Is It?

A perpetual motion generator would be capable of producing useful work indefinitely. It would basically be producing more than it is consuming. This concept thus breaks the fundamental law of physics that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. The notion that there is a possibility of building a perpetual motion generator is rather seductive because it promises the possibility of providing endless free energy, something that can solve many of the world’s energy related problems. Can a device be invented that can fool the universe and create something out of nothing?

Extensive studies have been carried out in relation to this by the scientific agencies. However, the findings have not been made public. The idea has emerged by observing other perpetual motions in the universe for example; the earth goes around the sun indefinitely, without any apparent loss of energy. If no energy is being consumed, where is the energy being used to propel the earth coming from?

Perpetual Motion Generator: How does it work?

The notion that a perpetual motion generator can be created that could essentially produce more useful work than it consumes energy is not readily accepted in the scientific circle. This hidden difference in the output and the input is believed to be a flow of energy from a source which has not been obvious. The output of a perpetual motion generator must be equal to the input minus the losses of the device itself. If this equation is not satisfied, one must understand that one of the inputs have not been accounted for.

Anyone with a little idea about how generators work understands that a motion of conductors between the poles of a magnet induces an electric current in it. The concept of perpetual motion of this conductor can ensure that without investing anything in moving the conductor one can obtain endless free electrical energy. Thus, a perpetual motion generator lets the universe continuously move the conductor instead of us investing in it.

Perpetual Motion Generator- A Free Energy Source

Perpetual Motion Generator

perpetual motion energy generator

A common misconception that exists is that a perpetual motion generator can create useful work out of nothing. It is impossible to break the law of conservation of energy. No device can produce more by consuming less energy. This does not mean that such a device is incapable of producing free energy. The idea of using a perpetual motion generator as a free energy source is very much possible. The point of the matter is how it does so.

The continuous motion of conductor between the poles of the magnet in this case is ensured by the forces of universe rather than conditions created man made processes. Here, the input to the generators is endlessly provided by the universal inexhaustible forces which are available for free. Hence, a perpetual motion generator is simply a device which ensures a continuous motion of its shaft by means of renewable and cyclic forces of nature to produce free electrical energy endlessly.