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A Brief Review on the Nikola Tesla Biography

There are a lot of resources in both print and online regarding the Nikola Tesla biography.

Nikola Tesla Biography

Biography of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Biography: Younger Years

Some vary with information but most say the same thing about his younger years. There wasn’t much documentation about Nikola Tesla’s younger years. He was born in the 1800’s in the town of Smiljan. Smiljan, now part of Croatia was before a part of Austro-Hungarian empire.

Most information of Nikola Tesla biography documents say that his family comes for Serbian origin. His father was a Serbian Orthodox priest. His name was Milutin Tesla. His mother, Duka, is probably where Nikola Tesla got his inventing talents from, never learned how to write or read but had her own set of farming tools that she personally invented. Nikola Tesla was one of five siblings.

Nikola Tesla Biography: Education and Early Jobs

In most of the documentations about Nikola Tesla biography, it is said that Tesla wanted to study mathematics and physics. However, he ended up studying in Austrian Polytechnic in Graz a course in electrical engineering. There is no proof if he actually completed his studies because it is said that his father insisted for him to transfer to Charles-Ferdinand University in Prague. He left school after his father died. Although he did not intend to take electrical engineering, he was very interested and fascinated with how electricity works so he went ahead to study and specialize more on that.

It is said that in 1882, he joined the Continental Edison Company located in Paris as a laborer. He went to the United States and worked for Edison Machine Works in 1884. The great Thomas Edison gave him full responsibility of motors and generators system to try to make these even more functional and efficient. In most of the written Nikola Tesla biography, it is said that Tesla claimed that Edison paid him only $18 per week for his hard work after supposedly promising him a $50,000 pay. Because of this, he left the company and went on to become a manual laborer. He needed to do that for him to save up money as he started to build on his ideas.

Nikola Tesla Biography: Later Years

Nikola Tesla Biography

Nikola Tesla biography book

In many of the Nikola Tesla biography that were written, it is said that because of Tesla’s interest with how electricity works, he was able to invent numerous kinds of things that are being used up to this day. He invented the Tesla coil that is still being used in many electronic gadgets like television sets and radios. He was also said to be the inventor of the fluorescent lighting, although there are also many other names that claim they were the ones who invented that. He did not actually invent radiation or the X-ray but it was said that he already foresaw this function to be used. He believed in geothermal as well as solar energy and was an advocate for that.

It is said that Nikola Tesla had an  obsessive disorder. It is also said that he wasn’t very good in managing his finances which ended up with him selling all his patents in 1943 in the New Yorker Hotel. Most Nikola Tesla biography say that after dying from Germ phobia, Tesla left a huge amount of debt.