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Nikola Tesla Inventions Still Being Used Today

Learning about the life of this great inventor helps us to more aptly appreciate Nikola Tesla inventions.

Nikola Tesla Inventions

Inventions of Nikola Tesla

Fluorescent Light: One of the Nikola Tesla Inventions

To this day, many of us still benefit from one of Nikola Tesla inventions – the fluorescent light. Instead of using a light bulb which may require more energy and produce less amount of light, the fluorescent light is being used in many households and establishments worldwide. The widely used fluorescent light may be one of Tesla’s inventions, but not a lot of people know that it was created by him. Most people know that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but not a lot of people know that Nikola Tesla invented the fluorescent light.

In many ways, the fluorescent light may be more practical and cost efficient to a lot of people because it is usually bigger than a light bulb. So you may only need one fluorescent light to light up a whole room. Other than that, by experience and based on many testimonials, there are less dangers and risks involved in using fluorescent lights than light bulbs. A lot of houses, malls, buildings, offices, and many other establishments use the fluorescent light as the source of light, benefiting from one of Nikola Tesla inventions in so many ways.

Nikola Tesla Inventions: Tesla Coil

The Tesla coil, which is obviously named after Nikola Tesla himself, is still being widely used to this day. This coil material made of metal is being used today in television sets, radios and other gadgets. This is another one of Nikola Tesla inventions that is widely used all over the world. Although it is present in just about every household, it is not something commonly known to a lot of people because the Tesla coil is usually placed inside the gadget or electronic equipment. And how many of us dig around inside a gadget unless we are a mechanical genius? An explanation of how the Tesla coil works is obviously too complex and beyond the scope of this article.

More Details on Nikola Tesla Inventions

Nikola Tesla Inventions

Nikola Tesla Invention List

There are many other Nikola Tesla inventions and to list and describe them one by one would take such a long time to write and to read. Some are too complicated and some are not very well known. However, while many of Nikola Tesla inventions were created in the 1800’s, they are still widely used today. As a matter of fact, back in the 1890’s Nikola Tesla was fairly well known for his inventions – better than Thomas Edison is known today. He was then a popular inventor, garnering praise as well as criticism from many.

More details on Nikola Tesla can be found in an encyclopedia. Better yet, search for his name online and more information will be available to you. Many websites are dedicated to the renowned inventor who has given us the chance to use his wisdom to make our lives easier.

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