Nikola Tesla Free Energy

All About the Mysterious Free Energy Question

Free Energy in the Eyes of a Visionary that is Tesla

Is the world held hostage by itself? For a very long time, the whole planet relied on fossil fuel to power up everything. Although it did its job, it didn’t come without a price. Today, people from around the globe knows what devastation harmful fuel did to the planet; and apparently to the people as well.

Nikola Tesla was an inventor known for his eccentricities; or is that how some people want to project his image. In truth he was a visionary who simply wishes to free the planet from dependence to harmful energy sources. With his theory of harvesting energy wirelessly and harnessing the planet’s natural electrical currents that are abundantly float in air.

The claim was daring but further studies may give birth to a technology that is feasible.

Now, every nation is scrambling to turn things around and initiate the use of renewable energy. From geothermal energy to wind and solar power, investments are being spent on green energy everywhere. Some experts believe that efforts must happen fast before time runs out.

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