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Nikola Tesla Movie: Celebrating the Genius of Tesla

Nikola Tesla Movie: Nikola Tesla is a forgotten hero with many of his inventions not credited to him.

Nikola Tesla Movie

Nikola Tesla Movies

But if you watch any Nikola Tesla movie you will be able to fathom the genius that was Nikola Tesla the engineer and inventor. There have been movies made to commemorate this genius and the names and details of some of the most notable ones are given hereby.

Nikola Tesla movie: The Prestige

The Prestige is perhaps one of the most famous movies based not on the life and struggles of Nikola Tesla, but rather on his famous rivalry with another genius–Thomas Edison. Here, the rivalry is shown between two magicians with one of them performing the ultimate illusion. The movie has been directed by the much acclaimed Christopher Nolan, who is now famous as the director of Inception. The movie stars Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson and Christian Bale. The storyline of the movie is set in London at the end of Nineteenth Century.

The names of the chief characters are Robert Angier, his wife Julia McCullough along with Alfred Borden who are friends and also act as assistants to a certain magician. During one performance, Julia dies accidentally which leads Robert to blame Alfred for it, making them arch enemies. They both become famous and rival magicians who try to sabotage each other’s performances on the stage. Alfred performs the ultimate magic trick which makes Robert obsessed to find the secret of the illusion and this obsession leads to tragic consequences.

Nikola Tesla Movie: Tesla and Katherine

A number of books, feature films, documentaries, TV series and websites have documented the prolific inventions of Tesla: but no Nikola Tesla movie has portrayed his personal life in any depth despite him leading a very turbulent and dramatic existence. Despite all the limelight, Nikola Tesla led a very private life and he remained an enigma when it came to his personal life due to the fact that he was a bachelor and a loner who preferred to work alone and did not mix with too many people. ‘Tesla and Katherine’ attempts to redefine the dynamics that he shared with his close friend, Robert Johnson, who was a poet as well as the editor of Century magazine, and his wife Katharine.

Nikola Tesla Movie

Movies of Nikola Tesla

His correspondence with the two forms the base of the storyline. The story depicts the delicate and complex triangular relationship along with Katherine and Tesla’s love. Edison’s rivalry with Tesla forms the sub plot.

The Best Nikola Tesla Movie: The Secret of Nikola Tesla

This Nikola Tesla movie is a docudrama or biopic about the genius inventor, directed by Krsto Papic. Made in 1979 and shot in Yugoslavia, this 120 minute long movie stars Peter Bozovic as Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor. The film captures how Tesla developed alternating electric current. The process was first formed under Thomas Edison who was a dictator, and later on developed by the inventor on his own. The biopic then follows his other inventions and discoveries.

There have been several movies to depict the genius of Nikola Tesla and the latest Nikola Tesla movie in the making is called “Fragments from Olympus” where crew members are making an effort to raise awareness to stop the destruction of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe lab.