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Tesla Energy: The Beginning of a New Era

Tesla energy concepts paved way for usage of electrical energy in a much more versatile way than before.

Tesla Energy

Tesla Free Energy

Tesla Energy

Nikola Tesla was a scientist who was obsessed with electricity. He gave humanity its first induction motor, which could convert electrical into mechanical energy. Today, eighty percent of electric motors used in industries are induction motors. Tesla energy science was light years ahead of his time. His vision of transmitting electric power wireless with earth as the conductor is gaining a lot more attention in today’s scientific circles, something which was considered as the ravings of a madman in his time.

Perhaps the single most significant Tesla energy works is his discovery of the radiant energy. Unfortunately, most of his scientific papers were misunderstood in his time. His theoretical work is considered to be the foundation of modern day alternating current electric power systems.

Tesla Energy- Concept of Wireless Transmission

One of the most unbelievable claims Tesla made in his time was that he could transmit Tesla energy from one place to another without any wires. During the early 1900s, Nicola Tesla began building the now infamous Wardenclyffe tower to demonstrate that transmission of power was possible without interconnecting wires. Even though in today’s era, wireless transmission of electricity, named witricity is considered to be quite possible, such a notion was untenable in the early 1900s.

The subsequent failure of Tesla energy transmission tower led to much ridicule.Nicola Tesla lost a lot of creditability in the scientific circles due to his million dollar folly. Some claimed that the experimental work related to the towers was actually successful and is responsible for the devastating Tunguska event. However, little or no positive evidence has been found that supports this theory. Due to financial problems, Tesla failed to completely build the wireless Tesla energy transmission facility. The wardenclyffe towers were torn down for scrap use during the First World War.

Tesla Energy- Claims and Implications

Tesla Energy

Tesla Energy Generator

Nicola Tesla was one of the pioneers in the study of electricity, its generation, properties and transmission. Many of his ideas were highly futuristic and out worldly. However, present scientific advancement point to the fact that most of the Tesla energy related claims were in fact very much possible. Unfortunately during his time, Tesla was ridiculed and misunderstood. His eccentric personality along with severe obsessive compulsive disorder in his later years led to a lack of creditability in his claims.

His claim that Tesla energy can be so generated that it can be transmitted wireless was widely unpopular. Tesla tried to build a tower that could prove that such a thing was possible. However this effort resulted in a economical and scientific blunder. His ambition to create a direct energy weapon or death ray was also unsuccessful. However, his understanding of the concepts of electrical energy was very deep.  His has more than 700 patents and has invented unique ways to utilise electricity, specially his invention of the induction motor, before which one could not think of motion without burning fuel. Today, witricity or the wireless transmission of energy is a technology being developed based on the Tesla energy concepts.