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What About Free Energy Magnetic Motor?

Before we get to specific statements with regard to a free energy magnetic motor, we should explain a few things. As a child you probably played with a couple of magnets and found that they would repel each other, in essence that is what a magnetic motor means.

Free Energy Magnetic Motor

Magnetic Motor Free Energy

It is a motor that contains magnets that are repelling each other thus creating movement, and movement is energy. If you think of a magnet you know that it has some north seeking poles and of course it also has south seeking poles. Surely you remember learning in school that unlike poles attract and like poles will repel each other? Well, you now have the preliminary basics of understanding how energy can be created using magnets.

Explain More About A Free Energy Magnetic Motor

Using the child’s magnets for yet another experiment, let’s say that you have five doughnut shaped magnets. The hole is big enough to string the five magnets down an ordinary pencil. Depending on the poles of the magnets you put on the pencil, you can actually create a floatation that anyone who does not know those are magnets will find it difficult to explain. It may be a cute parlor room trick, but it truly shows off how strong a magnetic field can be, even with a child’s magnetic toy. This is because even though you know nothing about physics, you know that what makes a magnet do what it does is that it is composed of both electrons and atoms.

OK, So Why is It Called A Free Energy Magnetic Motor?

Well, it’s certainly not because you can get one for free, it has nothing to do with cost whatsoever, what free refers to in this case is free energy. Granted if you are a scientist you won’t agree with that statement, as magnetic energy certainly does not fit the parameters of free energy for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that magnets do lose their magnetic power over time although strong magnets would definitely last a human lifetime. We learn in school that energy is definitely not free, and that is because what is taken such as energy is then put elsewhere.

So Why Bother With A Free Energy Magnetic Motor?

Free Energy Magnetic Motor

Free Energy Magnetic Motor Devices

It is thought that a true free energy motor based on magnetic power could solve the energy crisis even more so than utilizing solar or wind, or even tidal energy. Today we have heard of many creators of magnetic motors, and there are indeed working models of same. For a while there, there were unsubstantiated claims of having created such, but since then it has definitely been proven to exist. Taking ourselves, as humans, away from dependency on foreign oil is becoming a reality, albeit very slowly but it is coming forth.

In fact, scientists feel that perhaps as early as 2013 the world will begin to drive totally gas and oil free automobiles thanks to such things as these magnetic motors we have been discussing. Once we completely solve the free energy magnetic motor question, I wonder if we will then move onto the perpetual motion machine?