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The Truth about the Tesla Generator Blueprints: Their Relevance in Today’s Energy Management

The story of the Tesla generator blueprints tells us about an intelligent man who developed many of the breakthroughs of his time.

Tesla Generator

Tesla Free Energy Generator

From ways to harness electricity, to wireless technology, Nikola Tesla was a man ahead of his generation. He was born in 1856 and worked next to other great founders of technology, like Edison. He helped develop X-Ray technology and Alternating Current or AC for electricity distribution. The man was such a genius that in 2003, sometime after he passed away Tesla Motors was given his name. When you Google him you get all these websites back on Tesla’s secret which point to how you can have electricity for free by building your own magnetic generator.

What are the Tesla Generator Blueprints?

The websites promote a way to help you create your own generator. The Tesla generator is a concept that Nikola Tesla did come up with. It is based on the idea that you can get electricity by using magnets and their attraction and rejection forces to create electricity. They also say you will be able to harness the energy that usually bounces back in the ionosphere. In addition to that it is thought that you would be able to take the generator with you and get power on the road. What a great concept! You can go in your RV and get power from thin air. Without emissions, it is also green energy.

Why Doesn’t Everybody Have Access to These Wonderful Tesla Generator Blueprints?

There is a law in thermodynamics that states you can’t get more energy from something than which you have put in. The energy that the Tesla’s secret generator can pick up is radio signals.

Tesla Generator

Tesla Generator Blueprints

There are some worries that even if you were to live next to a radio station, you might not be able to pick up enough energy to power up your appliances, much less your entire home. With so much of this intelligent man’s creations gaining popularity it’s hard to picture anything of Tesla’s to be considered secret. You can buy his works in books or look at his patents for free. The other way is that if you look for reviews on the system you find many companies that offer Tesla technology.

Will Tesla Generator Blueprints Help with Electric bills?

There are few ways to save energy in your home without the risk of being scammed. There are solar and wind companies. Planting a tree in the right location can save you money. The color of your home can save you money or energy saving appliances. Spending 50 dollars to get electricity from thin air might just eliminate your electricity bills and therefore be priceless.

These websites that offer to give you this technology tell you that you should hurry up and order yours right away because the government might shut them down any second. This could be a fantastic opportunity to get a major bit of elbow room into your budget, being able to go without purchasing energy because of Tesla generator blueprints could be just what you need.