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Free Energy Info – Alternate Sources of Energy

Free Energy Info:With the ever growing problems concerning global warming and climate change, people are continuously inventing and developing new procedures on generating energy. Traditional burning of gases, oils and fossil fuels to produce energy is a contributing factor that produces carbon dioxide that is a component of global warming. Since before, people are using other components such as sun, wind and even magnetism in order to produce energy that can support our everyday life. They have been successful in producing however; it is still not yet for public use. These free energy forms can be used by individuals only but it is not yet encouraged for larger consumption.

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Free Energy Info: About the Cost

The cost of producing free energy is cheaper than produced energy. Common examples of free energy are solar, water, wind, centrifugal force and radiant energy and other not so obvious component that can be used for free energy such as ambient heat, hydrogen and magnetism. Further studies must be done to ensure the correct production and utilization of energy by the following alternative sources.

Free Energy Info: The Wind Energy

The use of wind energy and wind turbine generators is one of the most reliable forms of free/renewable energy, which of course can be done with the proper planning and considerations taken. It is also claimed as one of the cleanest source of energy, however, we must bear in mind that not all people can produce turbines that in turn will produce electricity. You must be careful in placing your turbines since the wind speed will greatly affect the production of energy. Do not place turbines near buildings or tall trees; it should be in a large, open area with nothing except the turbines. Buildings and trees may greatly affect the wind speed, which will result to the production of ground chop.

Free Energy Info: The Solar Energy

Next is solar energy that has been improved with the help of solar technology and photovoltaic technology. Photovoltaic cells will constitute the solar panels and will be responsible for the conversion of solar energy directly into electrical energy.

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Solar panels are easy to manage and maintain and there are no recurring costs once installed. As the energy consumption in the house increases, the number of solar panels can also be increased. The only problem here is that the initial cost of installing the solar panels is expensive because of the high cost of materials being used, and the production of solar energy is greatly affected by clouds and air pollution.

Free Energy Info: Nikola Tesla

The production of energy from heat is not a new idea since it is used before by Nicolas Tesla before. He used heat from the air to generate mechanical energy and called the device “Self-acting engine”.

With the help of electrolysis, hydrogen can be extracted from water and can be used as fuel since it recombines with oxygen when burned in order to form vapor.

Another controversial factor that can be used as energy source is the sun’s and earth’s magnetic fields which can be as free energy by humans.

Further studies must be done in order to discover and learn more things about the different components that can be used to produce free energy that are eco-friendly and safe.

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