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Batteries – The Future of Renewable Energy

During the last few years, scientists have been looking towards renewable energy sources as a solution to the energy crisis. We simply can’t rely on fossil fuels for energy anymore, due to its high costs and negative effects on our planet

So far, we have been able to tap into some of these renewable sources to generate energy for our use. But despite the many alternatives presented by the scientific community, as of now none of these energy sources are deemed commercially viable.

One of the biggest obstacles to using renewable energy sources is availability. Take solar energy, for example. The sun is the perfect renewable energy source, yet solar cells are practically useless during cloudy or rainy days.

To address that problem, this video shows MIT professor Donald Sadoway talk about his team’s recent invention – the Liquid Metal Battery. Professor Sadoway claims to have found a way to store renewable energy for consumption, even if the energy source is not present.

Hearing Professor Sadoway’s story will give us hope about the future of renewable energy. Making renewable energy accessible to the ordinary man is something that would greatly benefit not just human society, but Mother Nature as well.

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