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Small Wind Turbine

Ever wondered how we can generate electricity from wind? It all starts with converting the kinetic energy from wind into a rotational energy. The wind turbine captures this energy as its blades start moving. The generator then turns that rotational energy into electricity.

Wind energy is one of the best alternatives we have for the non-renewable sources like fossil fuels and nuclear power. Some countries have already relied up to 21% of their energy needs to wind energy. These countries include Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and Germany.

According to Renewables 2011 Global Status Report, 83 countries in the world are using power on a commercial basis as of 2011.These numbers are predicted to increase as we advance to the future where people are finding ways to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Although we are more familiar with huge wind turbines that can provide electricity for hundreds or thousands of homes, there are also small-scaled wind turbines that can be set up in your backyard for your household electricity needs.

In this video, NMSU Professor Thomas Jenkins shows off a small 400-Watt wind turbine and its components. Explore the use of this device that can be a good source of cheap electricity at your homes, or even at your vacation cabins located in isolated areas.

Watch the entire clip to learn more about this commercial wind turbine and how it helps cut down household electricity bill while taking care of the environment. From this and more, check out our other articles and videos. Thanks for reading!

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