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Renewable Energy from Wastewater

Biodiesel is another type of renewable energy source. It is manufactured from vegetable oils, animal fats, and recycled commercial greases. Biodiesel can be used in standard diesel engines including those in vehicles, railways, and aircrafts. It can also be used as heating oil.

Biodiesel is considered safe, highly sustainable, and produce less air pollutants compared to petrodiesel.

Biodiesel can also produce through algae grown in wastewater. This process serves two purposes, and they are: producing algae for biodiesel and wastewater treatment. With these results, there are more algae for biooils in conjunction with producing purified water for even more advantageous use.

In this video, watch a team of scientists at the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation as they present us their research on the possibility of culturing algae in conjunction with wastewater treatment. Learn how they can help clean up the environment and at the same time support the renewable energy production of the community.

Watch the entire clip and be amazed on the findings during this project venture and learn about how much renewable energy can be beneficial to the citizens of the Earth.

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