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Renewable Energy Effects on Wildlife

Although renewable energy brings hope and a reliable support for the future of the Earth’s energy resources, there are still some who thinks that the production of unconventional energy also brings adverse effects to wildlife.

Specifically, wind turbines and hydropower stations are the ones that concern many wildlife protection organizations, claiming that these energy plantations have impacts on nearby ecosystems and directly hurt birds and aquatic animals living in those areas.

An approach to minimize the impacts of these infrastructures to wildlife is the only reasonable way to balance the needs of people and other living things. Since there are no means to accurately predict how great the impacts are, we have to be really careful on putting up addition wind generators or water dams.

In this video, you will be able to watch one point regarding the effects of wind turbines on birds. Know the answer to the question “Do Wind Turbine Kill Birds?” through this short presentation. An on-site inspection of a wind turbine determines whether there’ll be dead birds found dead within the vicinity to prove the bird-killing argument.

Find out if renewable energy is causing imbalances in the biodiversity within the area of its coverage. Watch the entire clip to see it for yourself and be the judge whether wind turbines really are threats to wildlife.

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