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Marvels of a Nikola Tesla Invention – Far from Foolish, but very Real

Science as we know it today would have not been what it is now without a Nikola Tesla invention. As a matter of fact, many consider that Tesla helped shape modern science itself. If you are looking for a sure-fire way to improve your knowledge about science, then knowing about the man can help you.

A Nikola Tesla invention during his time is often deemed to be very eccentric. However, as most inventions are; remember that everything always start with a “wild” idea. While some find Nikola Tesla odd, there are many who find him great and give him esteem as an honorable man of science.

Nikola Tesla Invention – His Contributions to the World

Nikola Tesla Inventions

More than one Nikola Tesla invention actually survived to make it as part of our modern day living. Yet, the man that talked about death rays that can wipe out ten thousand planes at a distance of 250 miles was found to be peculiar. He had it tough but it did not stop him to keep on inventing.

Some of the things that were birthed by Tesla’s mind are:

  • Alternating Current System (AC System)
  • Electric Motors
  • Fluorescent Bulb
  • Neon Lights, and
  • Hydro-electric plant

Other notable Nikola Tesla Invention

  • Wireless Energy Transfer (Long-range)

Nikola tesla studied the possibility of transmitting energy in long distances without the use of any wire or cable. With the theory of using microwaves and radio, he ended up making the magnifying transmitter and the Tesla Coil. As a result, he made the Wardenclyffe Tower. It stands proud in Shoreham in Long Island that served to broadcast energy between vast distances.

  • Humanoid Robots

After Nikola Tesla demonstrated a boat that is remotely controlled, it opened to the theory of the creation of robots. The idea is to make humanoids to accomplish human work effectively and with security. Many consider this to be the factual beginning of robotics.

  • Enhanced Airships

Armed with his theory on energy transfer of wireless energy, Tesla believed that it is key to improving aircrafts. Part of his theory is to actually draw energy from the atmosphere itself to fuel airship making refueling on the ground unnecessary.

  • Super Electrotherapy

Along with Engr. Georges Lakhovsky, Tesla believed that a person can reach his highest health potential by cellular oscillation adjustment. Together, they built the Multiple Wave Oscillator with a claim that the machine is beneficial to a man’s well-being. While it was deemed to be silly by the medical world that time, the inventor stood by his theory for it to be helpful to heal people of ailments.

Nikola Tesla Invention – The Man’s Life Timeline

  • 1893

Nikola Tesla InventionNikola tesla demonstrated the safety in using his AC System compared to Thomas Edison’s DC approach. Part of the exhibit of this Nikola Tesla invention is to actually let the electricity current pass into his body to light a bulb which he held in his hand. In the same event in that World Expo in Chicago, people got to see the Tesla coils. Nikola used the coils to create lightning bolts and shoot them into the crowd without hurting anyone.

  • 1898

Nikola Tesla left his audience in awe with his demonstration of a remote controlled boat model. Madison Square Garden was the first witness of Tesla’s theory of wireless energy.

  • 1899

He created the theory of earthquake stations. In this year, Nikola Tesla sent waves of electrical energy into the Earth. Also, during this time, he was able to make the biggest artificial lightning bolt ever recorded. With a height of 130 feet, it was escorted by a thunder that is so loud that people who are miles away heard it.

  • 1900

With the goal of being able to provide free energy to the rest of the world, Nikola Tesla started the building of a wireless broadcasting system.

During these times, Tesla was not short of skeptics and critics which created his image as someone who is insane. Because of this, Nikola ran into some financial issues. The transmission of images, voice and electricity was still unthinkable. But Tesla believed he cracked the riddle of it. He was able to create a formula for such purpose even before Marconi did. He was 10 years ahead of the technology.

  • 1943

The United States Supreme Court declared that the Marconi patents were void sighting that it was Tesla who first thought of the concept. However, very little credit is given to Nikola.

  • World War I

During the war, Nikola Tesla suggested the use of energy waves to help the Americans detect submarines of Germany. We now know this technology as RADAR but Thomas Edison said that this Nikola Tesla invention is absurd.

Nikola Tesla Invention – Demise of a Brilliant Mind

Nikola Tesla Inventions

Ironically, while Nikola Tesla received word bashes from Thomas Edison, he was later on awarded with the Edison Medal for his contributions to science. Tesla took it as an insult especially when Edison did not shy away one bit in saying that most of his ideas are crazy.

On January 7th, 1943, Nikola Tesla passed away poor. However, during his well-spent lifetime, he was able to secure over 800 patents for his inventions. Since then, scientists continue to search Tesla’s journals to somehow pick on the man’s brain.

One Nikola Tesla invention that believed to be most efficient is the bladeless disk turbine engine. Scientists found out that its design which made use of contemporary materials was in fact one of the most dependable machine motor ever made.

Significance of a Nikola Tesla Invention Today

Nikola Tesla is regarded to be the man who gave birth to 20th century as far as science is concerned. While many of us hardly recognize or appreciate things that are around us, it is highly likely that a touch of Tesla is put in it.

One invention that the world cannot do without today is the AC System. It really revolutionized the way energy is generated and distributed. For a man who gave birth to wondrous things, he is hardly crazy or eccentric. It needs to be realized that only a magnificent man of science can accomplish what he did.

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