Nikola Tesla Free Energy

All About the Mysterious Free Energy Question

Tesla Technology Helps Pave the Era to Better Vehicles and Electrical Improvements

If you were to read up on Tesla technology you might find nothing about an electric car; however you would find that the advances this man made such a long time ago are the blue prints for technology a hundred years later.

Tesla Technology

Nikola Tesla Technology

His patents helped develop the current electricity systems like alternating current (AC), the AC motor and the polyphase system of electrical distribution. He worked with and against Thomas Edison at different times of his life. He also was a key figure in the early stages of some medical machinery. But out of all the things he did, the one that is probably talked about the most is the Tesla generator blueprints. Can you build an engine that will produce free energy?

What is Possible with Tesla Technology?

Is it possible to get free electricity using Tesla technology? First we have to understand the concept of the generator. The idea is that you can build an engine that uses magnets and their opposing and attracting energies. That in turn will create energy by rotating electrons. The output is promoted to be enough to allow you to power your electronic devices. The claims suggest that you can actually save from 80 to 100% in your electric bill with an investment close to a hundred dollars. The only extras are the materials that you have to buy in order to build your own generator. You read it right; you build your own generator because the building is such a simple thing to do, that anybody can do it.

What Else is There to Know about Tesla Technology?

Tesla Technology

Nikola Tesla Technology

Those claims sound great because wouldn’t everyone like to benefit from a lower monthly bill? The only problem is that you’ll need to devote a little time to building such a device that actually works. Physics says that you cannot get more energy than you put in, and therefore you’ll need to put a little elbow grease into this project. Eventually you’ll be getting more energy for your home with the use of magnets. But that additional energy would also cost money. There have been reports of fires in the homes of people who attempted to build a Tesla Generator, so caution is advised.

Tesla Technology: Where Do the Good News End?

When it comes to science, you should never say something is impossible. But it is very likely that all the ads for different websites on the Tesla generator are one way to make people start thinking outside of the box in regards to energy. All you have to do is Google ‘Tesla generator’ or ‘Tesla’s secret’ and you will find thousands of websites back. The advertisement campaign has even taken some people who haven’t thought of alternative energies and made them believers. If you are even considering for a moment new ways to save on your utility bills these plans can be the perfect option. Tesla technology websites have been around since the mid 2000’s and there are no other known sources of these blueprints but plenty of people who are reaping the benefits.