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Careers: Breaking Into the Renewable Energy Industry

It has been reported many times that renewable energy will be one of the top industries in the future.  With such increasing demand for sustainable energy resources around the globe, there is no doubt that this productiveness will provide greater and more opportunities in various fields.

Renewable energy services from different parts of the world have significantly helped improve several fields including agriculture, technology, economy, etc. In line with this renewable energy boom, job opportunities in these sectors are also keeping up with the renewable energy trends.

With the rise of renewable energy businesses, several groups have initiated the task of training individuals that are willing to become part of such revolutionizing industry. There are many programs that have been established to help meet the demands for renewable energy professionals and this can only mean more jobs.

In this video, watch Prof. Stephen Lawrence as he introduces the career requirement in the energy field and gives tips on how to become part of this growing industry. Stephen Lawrence is an Associate Professor of Operations Management in the Leeds School of Business and is a Fellow of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI) at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Take it from the expert and know what it takes to become a professional in the field of renewable energy. Walk away with better background on the knowledge and skills required to break into a career in this industry.

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