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Larry HollowayLarry Holloway is a self-employed businessman whose interests in free energy started as a young man.  Raised by a father who liked to experiment on things, he grew up watching his dad tinkering with various home-made gadgets.  His venture into free energy producing devices was a project he and his dad worked together on. And while the project yielded very limited results, his interest in the development of free energy continued even after the passing of his father.

Now a self-made man, he supports efforts towards issues such as climate change, pollution, and protection of endangered species.  But the subject of free energy has always been close to his heart.  He has, through the years, contributed to projects directed towards raising people’s awareness on the development of free energy and alternate energy producing devices.

He has followed many books and research on the issue of free energy but has been waiting for the time when it can actually be put to practice.

Coming across the Nikola Tesla free energy research, he became enamoured of these scientific discoveries because he believes they can be put to practical use by anybody who wants to keep the planet green and also economize on the use of produced energy.

He created his website to share his belief in the efficacy of free energy and hopefully encourage more people to practice it.  Believing that the biggest block to people being able to benefit from free energy is their lack of knowledge, he created a website to provide more detailed information about the subject and an opportunity for people to directly benefit from it.

He has been invited to speak about free energy and free energy producing devices, particularly about the work of Nikola Tesla, in business forums and communities. Although not a scholar or a scientist in real life, he is a major supporter of the development of free energy and has devoted much of his time in the promotion of its use.

His research about Nikola Tesla and his works has deeply touched him, feeling empathy for this great scientist whose work to this day has been largely unrecognized. Mr Holloway is currently collaborating on projects dedicated to bringing more public awareness of Nikola Tesla’s works and genius.

At age 47,  he believes the development of free energy and use of it by many people still has a long way to go. He is, however, determined to bring more knowledge to the public so that they can finally find direct benefit by reducing expenses on household electric consumption.

While he feels personal regret that many people have yet to discover free energy and its benefits, he is hopeful and optimistic that support for its development and use is soon to come.

Mr Holloway runs a family-owned business in Connecticut and lives with his wife and three children. He is currently working on a project to use free energy based on Nikola Tesla’s free energy generator plans on a larger scale.

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